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Artist, curator, Editor

The community I would like to serve is Myanmar Artist Community in general. Myanmar is located in South East Asia, formally known as Burma. Artist have difficult to find a market even though they are very talented and their artworks are extraordinary. The country itself is a poverty-ridden with many hardships like natural disaster , unstable politics, internal fights and conflicts among some ethnic groups. 

In fact, art is for all and art is for the soul. Everyone must have a right to feel it and see it- vise versa, every artist should have their right to create the art without any hindrance or barriers. I would like to be a connector for them all to the world. 

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Plenty of stocks with quality artworks from worldwide, mostly from Myanmar, ranging from traditional line painting, fine art to contemporary art. Some are unique as they hold their own -isms by themselves for their entire life.

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Hanging a piece of an artwork on your wall may change you_ evoke your thoughts, flourish your imagination and enhance your creativity

Artist Beauty

Sandra Tingalay

Tiger Nang

Maria Ei Zar

Nandar Myint

Nay Nay Htoo

Kyaw Kyaw

Win Kyi


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It is a platform for Multi-national artists with variety of painting techniques with their incredible talents


Modified Impasto

Highly texturized

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