The Community I Would Like To Serve Is Myanmar Artist Community. Myanmar, Previously Known As Burma, Is Located In South East Asia. One Issue I See In The Artist Community Is That They Cannot Find The Market To Sell Their Artworks Even Though They Are Very Talented And Their Artworks Are Extraordinary. The Country Itself Is A Poverty-Ridden With Many Hardships Like Natural Disaster -Prone Geographical Location, Unstable Politics, Internal Fights And Conflicts Among Some Ethnics, Internally Displaced Groups, Unemployment And Accusation For Genocide.These All Factors Augment The Artists Hard To Go On Their Plight As Professional Artists. I Know There Is A Niche Market For Them. The Only Thing They Need Is The Connector For Them To Let The World See Their Incredible Talents And Their Mesmerizing Artworks. There Is A Similar Issue Faced By Some Artists Internationally. In Fact, Art Is For All And Art Is For The Soul. Everyone Must Have A Right To Feel It And See It- Vise Versa, Every Artist Should Have Their Right To Create The Art Without Any Hindrance Or Barriers.I Would Like To Act As A Curator And Let The World See It. Please Help Me Welcome And Cherish The Myanmar Artists As Well As From Some Other Countries.

Golden Heritage Art Gallery publishes ” Golden Heritage Art and Auction Magazine” on every 15th of the month. It consists of art related articles, and the plights of the artists, artworks with variety of techniques and many artists across the continuum. 



Golden Heritage Art Gallery exists to help showcase, auction and deal, buy and sell, preserve and promote the all artworks of the artists across the continuum for the cultural heritage of people in educating, engaging and ensuring the regional and global , social  and community issues and agenda through the arts on our dedicated website.     


We envision all the artists must have an opportunity to showcase the artworks, to present what they believe and how they improve the world with their artistic creativity. 



Art is the best medicine for the soul. 

Art heals the world.

All artists have equal opportunity to participate in this art gallery.